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FR Auto is a company that specializes in car rental in Singapore. Whether you are leasing for a long or short term, our team oversees all maintenance, insurance and other aspects of car leasing and ownership, so you can simply drive off and enjoy your ride.

Lead by a team that possesses years of extensive experience serving customers in the industry, favourite Car Rental strengths lies in our staff, knowledge, and the stringent service standards established for customers.

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What our customers say

  • Desmond Chua
    Very flexible boss and very good service. Provides rental rebate for public holidays and during servicing.
    He automatically give me rental rebate during covid19 even before government announces resilience plans. Its the thoughts that count!
    Desmond Chua
  • Ken Wong
    Very good car rental company. Dave is a understanding boss who has given us rebates and 50% off during this covid 19 period. Would highly recommend to others who intends to rent a car. Is willing to help out Drivers regardless of what problems we are facing. Thanks Dave!
    Ken Wong
  • Recco Nph
    Very friendly and responsive car rental company that has the greatest deal..thanks for the effort to help me find the car I wanted..highly recommend for all those that are looking for cars..
    Recco Nph
  • Robin Leow
    Awsome Boss! Dave have given me numerous rebates once i had proven that my rental payments is prompt. Completed my 1st year contract and going into my 2nd year. Even after i had started my 2nd year rental contract, he automatically give me 50% discount 2 months ago. Very reasonable boss!
    Robin Leow
  • Edyz Lim
    2 thumbs up for this reliable and trusted car rental company. I had nvr come across a car rental company with so many clause which is advantage for the driver. They really take car of the driver. Highly recommend to rent from them. Look for Dave who already help 4 of my friends to rent their desire car.
    Edyz Lim
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